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Collection and Use of Personal Information

You will be aware that as a Company we have certain responsibilities regarding customer data especially with new regulations being put in place.

We would therefore appreciate you indicating in the tick box below if you are happy or not for us to retain your information as per the details set out below:


  • All the personal data will be processed by J & L Bradley as laid out in the Data Protection Act 1998/GDPR 2018.


  • This data/information will be used for administrative and accounting purposes so that J & L Bradley can manage its operations effectively, for communication purposes, to provide you with continuous service, to assist us in the collection of accounts, to respond to your enquiries and keep you informed about our services and to meet legal and regulatory requirements and responsibilities.


  • Personal data records/information provided by yourself will be kept on a computerised system password protected, with anti virus protection. In some cases on paper filed in our office which is secured and has an alarm system fitted.


  • In some cases it will be necessary for J & L Bradley to release some of the personal data we hold to third parties/our working partners in order to carry out our day to day operating of the business.


  • J & L Bradley will retain/hold your data indefinitely or until we receive written notification that you wish to opt-out, with the exception of data required in order to provide statutory information (accounting, registration, guarantee and other purposes).


Your Consent

    Your acceptance indicates your consent to J & L Bradley processing your personal data in accordance with our accounting requirements, registrations with third parties and other business related purposes. If you wish to opt-out of this agreement at any time please inform J & L Bradley in writing.